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Sexy Tila Tequila

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Who of you did not wait for the Tila Tequila Sexy Tape. Now it is there. Now means not, that somebody stole Tila Tequilas private Tape, where you can see her coming out with her boyfriend. No, this time there was no bad paparazzi or some bad friends. It was just her, Tila Tequila. Professional. But not now, it is an older tape. But now somebod y noticed, that it is her in the video. So now knows everybody. Because I can not show here her tape I show you some really hot clipcollection of Tilas show. She is kissing with boys and girls and it is hot to see. Tila tequila is bisexual, she told. So she is dating with boys and girls in her new show. here are some of the sexiest parts:

Update: I Found now some pictures, but it looks like a fake. This is not Tila Tequila. So watch out the video up here and hope for the “normal” tape, which will be stolen, when her carreer is standing at the point.