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Range Rover Sport vs. Battletank

Friday, January 30th, 2009

That a fiesta is not the worst military car in the world was shown in this video.

But whats about the popular Range Rover Sport? Can this SUV win a battle against the Challenger II battletank in heavy terrain? I mean in numbers it looks imposlible worse for the Range Rover Sport,´cause the tank has over 1000 break horse powers. But on the otherside the Range is much lighter then the tank. Or is this even worse too? Just have look at this Top Gear challenge.

Ford Fiesta the new Humvee?

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

The Humvee is a famous military vehicle but it´s not the best one. So the US Army is searching for a new car. But why not save the millions of Dollars for the development and take instead of the Humvee a new Ford Fiesta? May be more comfortable and they wont have high cost for the petrol.
Sounds weired? It is, but have a look at the Video where they test the new fiesta in a beach landing. But maybe they should change the glas into bulletproofed ;-)