Captain Scuba Cat

February 15th, 2009

Captain Nemo was yesterday. Today it is Scuba Cat. Once the russians placed a dog named Laika in a aerospace rocket – nowadays we have crazy guys who are preaparing a cat to dive and invent a spezial scuba costum and breathing machine for her :-D
So check the video out and you will see what crazy stuff bored people do!

Pool Wedding

February 13th, 2009

What an damn fail. The wedding on such a nice place and then everything fails becaus of one stupid guy. For them it was quiet a hard for us it is relly funny. I nearly fell from my chair while watching this clip. So watch it and get your lessons from it. Do not marry next to a pool or coohse a guy with the ring very carefull!

T-Mobile G1: First Google Smartphone

February 12th, 2009

T-Mobile developed and presented together with HTC and Google the first smarphone based on Android. It is named T-Mobile G1 and has a touchscreen like the iPhone and a whole keyboard. At the desktop it is not hard to see that google invented the software for this smartphone, you see it in every application on the screen. In the following clip a T-Mobile expert will guide you to the main funktions of the T-Mobile G1.

If you are interessted in how to launch navigation on the T-Mobile G1 watch the video here.

NFL Legends

February 11th, 2009

WTF how damn good are these football players? One guy after the other shows phenomenal moves and tricks with their footballs. These guys are living NFL Legends. That is not just sports these a artist. You think I am talking bullshit? Check the Clip, then you knwo what I am talkin about.