Shay Laren – Lap Dance

June 4th, 2009

Shay Laren! Oh year, what a woman. I mean do you know some girl with such nice boobs except sexy Shay Laren´s one?! I realy like to see Shay Larens bare breast, but it looks like she keeps them like a secret. But this can not distract me of watching her wonderful erotic and sexy video clips. Like this ver nice one, where Shay Laren is doing a nice virtual Lap Dance in the gym.

Shortmovie: Masquerade

May 19th, 2009

What a great short movie by Azid K. from San Fransisco. Du you see yourself in that one? Azid K. produced this animated short movie in just three months. Thats really impressing! So everybody fling your mask away and show the world your honest and true face!

Soldier finds himself in a firefight whilst pissing

May 12th, 2009

What a nice video. A US-Marine Soldier steps out of his Humvee for a pee an whilst pising gunfire is all around him. Some soldiers in the Humvee behind a really amused about it and they ignore the gunfire and just laugh. Nice action guys!


March 25th, 2009

You ever dreamed of beeing free like the bird in the wind? Then now is your chance to fullfill your dream. The wingsuit makes it possible. Developed by the military now it is loved by every adrenalin junkie all over the world.