Economic scientists are boring

October 23rd, 2007

Not everybody of course. That much I don’t know. But today was the first lecture I went out more then a hour earlier because i was afraid to start crying by being bored to much. Our professor talked some stuff with indeed is important. Don’t belief to hard in the economic and the marked. It is not god, he said. Don’t think that the homo economicus is something you really can find somewhere out in this world you live. Right, i agree. Somebody who wants to only start his career here studying business should not study but learn in some company. Right. Everybody here should be interested in this science or leave university. Fine.

But, but! He talked about this more then one hour. Ok it is really important maybe. We are living in a time of a disillusioned youth, there some moral predict maybe has some sense sometimes. But the first lecture he talked exactly the same stuff and I thought that he maybe should start teaching if he wants anybody being interested.

My excite is now nearly blown away by just talking about quality and without learning any quality stuff. He talks just polemically without giving any proofs, sometimes some strange statistics and i ask myself if he maybe should be the one listening this predict. He has really a strange opinion what science should be. I want to learn and not listen who all should not be here. I want to learn different models and compare them and not get the opinion of my professor without any proof.

Ok I am getting unfair, it’s just the second week, but two weeks the same bullshit is to much. I am getting crazy because I know people like this. In the last few weeks of semester they will see that they did not do that much and will fast explain the really hard stuff and studying gets to a horror trip because it is relevant for the tests but he hasn’t time to explain any more. Then he will again speak about the student who has to learn alone and that everybody else should not be at university. Because he is on a ego trip and likes his voice talking in the moral way to beginners.

Do you have a concept?

October 23rd, 2007

Usually this is the first question I give people who ask me to do them a blog. What do you want to write about? Where do you see your blog in a half year, in one year? I tell them not to go a strict business way, but all the blogs started by some friends without a aim got quite empty after a while.

You need a concept and it can be only as small as mine: Writing an English blog to improve my language. And my wallet maybe too.

I do web design. I ask the people what they want to write about because i think a web design should have something out of the author and something from the theme it will be about. But how to design a for a blog just written to write? I want to improve my language without thinking about some special topic. I will write what is in my mind. Because of that this blog looks quite boring. This is the concept.

Celebrities aren’t good for you

October 23rd, 2007

Huh, wtf is he writing, he has to be a fool. If I am writing about Paris Hiltons scandals or Britney Spears underwear my traffic increases directly and all the time I am getting visitors for the porno-keywords. He’s calling him self a SEO and has no clue what he’s talking about.

This you will think, when you read the headline to this article. But you are wrong. The traffic you get from youporn and redtube, tims tube free porn nude stuff is worthless. Maybe it will be 50% of your search engine traffic. But anybody stays? Would anybody be after wanking of getting interested in your blog, your direct visitors would increase. Bur this is not the reality.

Of course you could try to get some money out of this. Place some ads there in the text or let some layers in your blog. But how much visitors this keywords can reach? You will maybe get 6$ for 1000 Visits. How long you will need for this?

Ok, what i want to say is that it has not any sense to optimise your normal blog for this. Start a celebrity blog and maybe you will get rich. Maybe not. But for a normal blog it is just crap and will let your normal visitors run away. Belief me.

My biggest success have been the nude scandal pic from Vanessa Hudgens, taken by Zac Efron. I had something around 3000 visitors every day, still coming 2000 visitors a day. But I am in the third position for “Vanessa Hudgens” in the German Google. I got quite good money out of this, but still i say you, it hasn’t sense to write about this crap. Or if you do, do it right. Be the first, if you will find more then ten blogs writing about this, forget it. I have been the first, writing about Vanessa Hudgens, because of that even my new blog could rank perfect. But if you are not the first, don’t go to the nerves of your visitors and spam the Internet.

Getting started

October 17th, 2007

I have tried before starting a english blog but I was to lazy. Of course I can write that everybody understands, but to write that anyone likes the stuff you produce is far away from just understanding. But my first English blog was about philosophy and it was crazy to start something like his. I even don’t know the technical terms in German, my mother language, and looking up every in an English dictionary sucks. On people in motion i will write about everything. Could be funny, boring, exiting, long, short, I just don’t know now.

I will write about SEO, what means how to optimize your Website or your blog for searchengines like Yahoo or Google. But I will not only write about it, I will do it. I will write here articles witch are optimized and will bring me visitors from the search engines. I will try to convert this visitors to money, if possible and report you how you can increase your online-money with your blog too.

You see now how poor my language really is, give me time please. Language is there to train and learn. For corrections and help I am greatful.