How to find blogs with my interests

October 24th, 2007

In the last article I wrote about getting into search engine index and pointed out that a good start is to comment at blogs in your sphere of topic. But how to find them?  I will show you only the too biggest blog search engines where you will find more blogs then you can read in your life. Just type there in what you are interested in and it will give you thousand of blog articles about the topics:

Technorati:  Technorati is the biggest blog search engine with more then 100 million blogs. Here you will sure find some interesting  one.  Technorati was much better some years ago, in my opinion, because it gets more and more a portal like every other. Blogs went into the middle of society and Technorati with them. If I search for some blogs I don’t want to have some videos there too, for this I go to youtube. But still it is a great tool to find new blogs.

Google Blogsearch: Looks exactly like Google but works a bit different. This search should be only for blogs, but indeed it is not that easy to divide blogs and homepages so that not 100% of the results are something you are looking for. But in general the quality of the search is as high as we are used of Google.

With this two tools the beginning should be done. And if you found some blog, writing exactly about  your interest then check out his blog-roll or links to other blogs. Like this you will find more and more good blogs worth to read.

How may I rank better? Why do I rank with such long terms?

October 24th, 2007

A lot of people still ask me how they can come into the search engines like yahoo or Google with their blogs. A lot of people complaining that they even submitted their URL several times but Google/ Yahoo/ Live search is not reacting and they can do what they want they are not in the index or if then they get found only a few times a week with long term searches witch nobody normal would search for.

Search engines work with a algorithm who says which page is how relevant for getting found. And the most important thing to show the engine that your page is relevant is that a lot of people think the page is relevant. This they show by linking to you. Links are the relevance signs of the Internet. So if you haven’t any links to your blog, how Google should know that it even exists, or if it knows this why should it let you into the index if nobody gives you link credits?

You need links and the best links are links from pages who write about similar stuff like you. But how to get this links?

It is not that hard. Nearly every blog has some comment function and there you can leave your name and your blog URL. So just go around, find some blogs you like and comment there. This are your first links and maybe you have luck and the author likes your blog and links to you some times. But please notice that writing a comment like “Good article, nice pictures” is spam. Comment only if you would say something to this in real life too. I would never go to somebody I don’t know and say “Hey good speech and nice wife!” But to discuss with somebody is allowed and even the most blogger are happy discussing with you.

S o from this you have some links and if you wait some time you will see, that the traffic from the search angines will grow. Maybe you know some friends how have a blog too and ask them if they don’t want to give you a link. Or you are in a social community like myspace ore something? Usually there is some place to spread your blog url too. Be a bit creative and then if you want to know a bit more how to optimize your page for search engines read this article: The Basics of Search Engine Optimization.

If you want to test getting into the index by writing comments, feel free to test it here in this article:)

Psychology of flirting in social communities

October 24th, 2007

I di myself a moment before a account at wink and looked arround of course a while, searching people i could add to my “friends”. You now the game. I added some informations about me to my profile and even i did not lie. Will be maybe the only one there. Do you know what is the most important thing you have to care about in social community profiles?

The question if you are taken or not, if you have a girlfriend/ boyfriend or not. This is, together with the profile photo, the first information somebody will look at. And you can do a lot of mistakes with this. For example:

You are a boy and single, you are in the community to find a nice girl, ore more of them. But you write in your profile “single”. Autsch. This will not work. You could write there LOOSER, would be the same. Boys have to write there taken! Because girls know then, your are not a fool, somebody wnats you, so they want you too. But only as long they did not see you in real life, of course.

Design is breathing

October 24th, 2007

I really can not have a blog or webpage witch doesn’t look like I like it. It is of course the most important that is works fine for my needings. But a ugly page is breathtaking. It takes away my fun, my motivation. I don’t know why. Now i worked more then 2 hours on this design and i start to like this blog. First I thought really not to do here anything. Take some standard theme, write about standard topics and really just increase my language.

But i wrote now a few articles and of course I really appologize for them. A native speaker have to role his fingernails but i like it. Not the result, even not the meaning of this articles. But to write and to see that it works. Not fine, even not ok. But i can feel motivation to improve and increase my language. And this is at the beginning more worth then to have wonderful ideas for highly digged articles and then you don’t write them because everything is more important this moment, this time. The end for a blog.

I don’t say that you can not have a plan for your blog. But you have to have fun with this.