New Apple iPhone 3GS – “S” for Speed

June 9th, 2009

The new generation of the Apple iPhone was presented yersterday at the Apple World Wide Developer Confrence. But it is not a realy innovative iPhone it is just a better and faster iPhone 3G. And thats why it is called Apple iPhone 3GS because the S stands for Speed. And this is one of not so many changes of the 3GS. Apple says it is double so fast like the iPhone 3G. It also has a better camera focus of 3mpx with wich one you can shot better pictures and film some youtube clips. So it feels like the new Apple iPhone 3GS is just a better update then a new iPhone. But have a look at your on at the guided tour trough the new features of Apple´s new iPhone 3GS.

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Jessica Alba´s Hot and Uncensored Ass

June 8th, 2009

Who does not like to see Jessica Alba´s hot, naked and uncensored ass? I think not even the boys like to because many of the girls like to have Jessicas ass. Bot why not, I mean she is one of the 100 most erotic and sexiest womans in the world, isn´t she! In the clip below, we will see some hot pictures of Jessica Alba´s sexy back and of her wonderful ass. Everytime I see Jessica Alba I like to swim next to her Intoo the Blue ;-)

Palm Pre – The iPhone Killer?

June 7th, 2009

Today many people belive Apple will present their new iPhone 3GS at the Apple World Wide Developer Conference. Many doe belive that Steve Jobs will hold it in his hand, a bit like a comeback of the superstar. But also those days the new Palm Smartphone named Palm Pre was puplished. And some do belive it could be a great iPhone killer. And in some points it seems like the Palm pre is simular to Apple´s iPhone. It has a great multitasking function, a nice 3,1 multi-touchscreen but also a keyboard wich you can slide. Within a 24 month contract it is available at about 200$. In the following clip you see the great commercial of the Palm Pre and one of the first Hand Ons of Palm´s new Smartphone the Palm Pre.

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Zac Efron: One of the 100 Sexiest Man Alive!

June 5th, 2009

Zac Efron. What a guy. Unbelieveable sexy. Rich (earn about 9Mio$ per year). A great, talented superstar and womanizer. A lot of girls hope that Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Zac Efron split and are not a couple anymore. This would be a great sensation. Or is it allready to late for all Zac Efron fans and lovers and Vanessa Hudgens is pregnant. No she is not but just seems like it can happen. But vor all the hopeless girls and Zac Efron lovers there are a lot of sexy Zac Efron photos you can watch.