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Bar Refaeli undresses for Sports Illustrated

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Bar Refalie an irsraeli supermodel and very hot chick. A few month ago she was spotted at a video where she was totaly naked and nobody even knows a reason for. But we don´t care and will have a loo at the following clip. Bar Refaeli at an israeli beach location taking some nice pics in very hot swimsuits and also some topless.

Bar Refaeli Naked Video

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Israeli super model Bar Refaeli naked?! You don´t belive this? But it´s true. The naked Bar Refaeli moves very sexy and erotic in front of a camera. Nobody knows why the model Bar Refaeli has done it. But I think we don´t care about and just enjoy the pictures of Bar Refaeli naked on a couch! I mean we do not see such videos of  nakde and sexy Stars very often in this grade of quality.

Jessica Alba´s Hot and Uncensored Ass

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Who does not like to see Jessica Alba´s hot, naked and uncensored ass? I think not even the boys like to because many of the girls like to have Jessicas ass. Bot why not, I mean she is one of the 100 most erotic and sexiest womans in the world, isn´t she! In the clip below, we will see some hot pictures of Jessica Alba´s sexy back and of her wonderful ass. Everytime I see Jessica Alba I like to swim next to her Intoo the Blue ;-)

Zac Efron: One of the 100 Sexiest Man Alive!

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Zac Efron. What a guy. Unbelieveable sexy. Rich (earn about 9Mio$ per year). A great, talented superstar and womanizer. A lot of girls hope that Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Zac Efron split and are not a couple anymore. This would be a great sensation. Or is it allready to late for all Zac Efron fans and lovers and Vanessa Hudgens is pregnant. No she is not but just seems like it can happen. But vor all the hopeless girls and Zac Efron lovers there are a lot of sexy Zac Efron photos you can watch.