Write English and get more traffic

It is really amazing with how less work you can get a lot of traffic on your blog by search-engines when you write in English instead in German. Here are really not that much articles on people in motion but the traffic is higher then in the most of my German blogs where I write for years.

Of course it is about the topic you write too. Here I have some posts about Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron and this is something the people are interested in. My German blogs are more about philosophy, art and stuff like this but I have some celebrity blogs too. They are visited much more, but the difference is, that I am listed at Google Germany on the first page for Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. I think if this positions I would have in google.co.uk or google.com I would not know anymore what to do with all the money.

Of course there are much more English speaking people then German speaking people, but that it is so easy to get some quite nice serp positions I did not know before. So all out there write your stuff in English, when you want to earn more money!

And hey! isn`t it funny to not be really able writing a good English sentence but getting more then 400 people reading your stuff, a day?

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