Yahoo? Live? Google!

It is really strange. In some cases I started this Blog as a experiment for SEO. I wanted to see how different reacts an English page to the search maschines. In Germany Google rules it all. Google has 95 % of all searches. But in America it isn’t like this I thoght. Microsoft and Yahoo are there big players, even if they are not as big as Google. But in the last week there was not one visit from Live or Yahoo. Not one. Do they know this blog? Maybe not.

Now I think about the reasons of that. I got three explanaitions and will proove in the next weeks which one gets the truth quite near:

  1. Live and Yahoo think both still that this is a German page. They spider not enogh or to slow
  2. Yahoo and Live think that here isn’t any content they should send visitors to.
  3.  Nobody uses Yahoo or Live

I will report.

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