New Apple iPhone 3GS – “S” for Speed

The new generation of the Apple iPhone was presented yersterday at the Apple World Wide Developer Confrence. But it is not a realy innovative iPhone it is just a better and faster iPhone 3G. And thats why it is called Apple iPhone 3GS because the S stands for Speed. And this is one of not so many changes of the 3GS. Apple says it is double so fast like the iPhone 3G. It also has a better camera focus of 3mpx with wich one you can shot better pictures and film some youtube clips. So it feels like the new Apple iPhone 3GS is just a better update then a new iPhone. But have a look at your on at the guided tour trough the new features of Apple´s new iPhone 3GS.

Below you find the brand new Apple iPhone 3GS commercial.

One Response to “New Apple iPhone 3GS – “S” for Speed”

  1. Jamaica Says:

    a 32 to 64 bit OS change isn’t a service pack… The new Iphone s has a much faster process or better battery better camera etc.. all for the same price as the old and knocking the old to $99 is going to be a great move..Apple is going to own the wireless internet enabled phone market out of this great move.Anyhow i am happy with Iphone 3G and its compatible application Vopium already installed in my phone.