Hot body artist Lilia Stepanova

Lilia Stepanova is a body artist and she shows in “America got talent” unbelievable control of her body. And this body is really hot and erotic when she turns to do archery with her feed over the head. In a tight dress which let us see her roundness at the best places she makes the crowed hot and smoking. A really erotic women with a lot of skills. She is like done for the stage. And this she does is called “Contortion” as i learned while searching some more sexy photos of her. I was not successful, there aren’t any erotic photos of Lilia Stepanova out there. But now enjoy her show at “America got talent”:

Update: Now I got some hot pics of Lilia Stepanova. I found them in some Forum where fans collected a lot of photos. Got to get them! But before leave me a reply:)

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