No links – No visitors

A lot of blogger wonder about having any visitors and ask the question, why nobody is reading their blog. This blogger think that their content is the same good like other blogs with have a lot traffic on their page. This blogger heard the sentence that content is king. Content is the king but contacts are the emperor.

If you don’t know anybody, nobody will link to you. If your page does not know anybody, nobody can write about your good content. If you don’t have anybody linking to your blog, any visitor and any search engine will be able to honor your content, because they don’t know.

Start commenting on other articles and write more then “hey nice article”. The author of the commented article will look at your blog if he likes your comment. He will know you and maybe he will link to you. But please don’t ask him for this. If he will like, he will link. Ask friends if they have a website or a weblog.

Starting a weblog means a lot of work if you want to get read. You have to write good articles and you have to write good comments. This big blogs are known, they don’t have to comment anymore. But you have to.

I will paint a picture to explain you. If a known star writes something, a lot of people are interested in this, because they are interested in the person. If your write something, maybe your friends will be interested in this, because of you. But to write something somebody who does not know you is interested in have to be damn good, or you have to get him know you.

I know, that this practice perverts the word “friend” so call it buddy, or anyhow you want. Just get some people know you and they will be able to judge about your content.

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