Design is breathing

I really can not have a blog or webpage witch doesn’t look like I like it. It is of course the most important that is works fine for my needings. But a ugly page is breathtaking. It takes away my fun, my motivation. I don’t know why. Now i worked more then 2 hours on this design and i start to like this blog. First I thought really not to do here anything. Take some standard theme, write about standard topics and really just increase my language.

But i wrote now a few articles and of course I really appologize for them. A native speaker have to role his fingernails but i like it. Not the result, even not the meaning of this articles. But to write and to see that it works. Not fine, even not ok. But i can feel motivation to improve and increase my language. And this is at the beginning more worth then to have wonderful ideas for highly digged articles and then you don’t write them because everything is more important this moment, this time. The end for a blog.

I don’t say that you can not have a plan for your blog. But you have to have fun with this.

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