Celebrities aren’t good for you

Huh, wtf is he writing, he has to be a fool. If I am writing about Paris Hiltons scandals or Britney Spears underwear my traffic increases directly and all the time I am getting visitors for the porno-keywords. He’s calling him self a SEO and has no clue what he’s talking about.

This you will think, when you read the headline to this article. But you are wrong. The traffic you get from youporn and redtube, tims tube free porn nude stuff is worthless. Maybe it will be 50% of your search engine traffic. But anybody stays? Would anybody be after wanking of getting interested in your blog, your direct visitors would increase. Bur this is not the reality.

Of course you could try to get some money out of this. Place some ads there in the text or let some layers in your blog. But how much visitors this keywords can reach? You will maybe get 6$ for 1000 Visits. How long you will need for this?

Ok, what i want to say is that it has not any sense to optimise your normal blog for this. Start a celebrity blog and maybe you will get rich. Maybe not. But for a normal blog it is just crap and will let your normal visitors run away. Belief me.

My biggest success have been the nude scandal pic from Vanessa Hudgens, taken by Zac Efron. I had something around 3000 visitors every day, still coming 2000 visitors a day. But I am in the third position for “Vanessa Hudgens” in the German Google. I got quite good money out of this, but still i say you, it hasn’t sense to write about this crap. Or if you do, do it right. Be the first, if you will find more then ten blogs writing about this, forget it. I have been the first, writing about Vanessa Hudgens, because of that even my new blog could rank perfect. But if you are not the first, don’t go to the nerves of your visitors and spam the Internet.

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